Tips for Burning Firewood

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I am always asked what is the correct way to light a fire. It depends on the kind of fuel that you are using and of course the type of equipment you have. To get the best fire and therefore heat from your open fire, log burner or multi-fuel stove is a delicate balance of air and fuel. If there is too much oxygen then the fire will struggle to take hold of the fuel and if there is too little oxygen then the fire may die out. There are a few general tips I can offer that will help you get the most out of your fire.


  1. Safety first

I recommend that you buy a decent glove that will protect your hands. It is also a good idea to have a set of Tongs, Shovel, Poker and Brush.

  1. Firewood

We recommend you burn only wood that is either fully seasoned or kiln dried. Do not be tempted to use unseasoned wood.

  1. Delivery of wood

Once you have received your well seasoned firewood, try to stack it as soon as possible under cover and most importantly with the sides open to the air. If you have received the logs in Jumbo bags, we advise that you empty the bags and stack the logs as soon as you can. Logs left in unventilated bags will develop mould and this will also be difficult to light.

  1. Log basket

This is one tip that really helps especially when the weather is rather looking damp and wet. Pick some logs and store them in a log basket inside the house. Ideally this should be done a few days before you plan to use them. If you don’t have a log basket you can simply stack the logs next to the fire. The heat from the fireplace will help the logs dry even further making them perfect for your next fire. you use the logs  in the wood burner.

  1. Kindling

Ensure that you kindling is dry and do not use painted or treated timber as kindling.

  1. Open your doors 30 minutes before you start the fire.

If your fireplace doors is glass, then open the doors about 30 minutes before you start the fire. This will allow warm air in the room to rise up the chimney and prevent the cold air in the fireplace which is heavier hogging the fireplace thereby making it .

  1. Do not throw all the ash away.

A little ash from previous burns will help you get the most heat out from your firewood.