Moisture Meters Makes Sense

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When one hears the “sizzling” sound of burning firewood, it can only mean one thing; the wood is not dry and has excessive moisture content. In some cases where the moisture reading is above 30%, one can see water bubbles escaping from the end grain as the wood burns. All this can be disheartening especially if you have spent a lot cash in buying the firewood or cleaning your chimney.

However, it does not need to be this way. If you are armed with one of our digital moisture meters, that has 4 pins for better accuracy, you can be sure that the wood you are buying is of the right moisture level, ideally anything below 20%. Simply insert the pins at the centre of the wood to get a reading. We suggest you try this with three different logs from the same batch for better accuracy.

Seasoned wood needs at least a year to get to 20% or less moisture content. Kiln Dried wood would generally have lower figures. Our Kiln Dried Ash or Fully Seasoned Ash Logs have a moisture level of 20% or less that enables one to have a trouble-free roaring fire.