Last minute Shopping

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Do not leave buying your logs until the last-minute. This is the time to buy Firewood for pre-Christmas delivery. Nobody likes last-minute shopping. It makes a lot of sense to buy logs now. Firstly, you are guaranteed pre-Christmas delivery. Secondly, you do not have to wait too long for your delivery. In most cases it will arrive before you run out of your current stock. Thirdly, there is less hustle and you can go about your daily business sorting other important things like buying presents.

So if you are not convinced about buying logs now, there is one more point. Weather may make it difficult for the delivery man to get your order to you, especially if you live in the rural side where roads are not as gritted as those close to town.

So  enjoy your Christmas shopping, and if you do need to reach out to us, please send us  quick chat. We endeavour to answer your question as quickly as possible, even during weekends.

Happy Christmas.


Berkshire Logs

New features

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Hi everyone, Just to let you know that we have not been quiet. We have been busy at working incorporating new features to the website that would definitely make your experience as a customer even more exciting. For example, we have added a new chat facility that you can see at the bottom right of the page.
This feature is not just any other. The best way to understand its features is to use it. So try it and tell us what you think.
We have other features we are introducing and will update this blog accordingly as we gear up for the busy part of the season.