What is House Coal Suitable for?

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House coal is suitable for open fires. Most open fires have a grate and the fact that it is open allows air both above and below to circulate freely thereby enabling a better burn.

We recommend one to try different types of house coal to get the best quality for your fireplace. We recommend our traditional house coal which is of great quality compared to other types of house coal. Click here to be directed automatically.

Can I burn Coal in a wood burner?

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This is a common question. The simple answer is No.

House  coal and smokeless coal should not be burned in a wood burner. The main difference between a wood burner and a multi-fuel stove is the design. Wood burners are designed to burn Logs.

In a wood burner the wood is placed on the floor since wood needs air from above to initiate combustion.  Coal on the other hand, requires air from above and below.  Multi-fuel stoves have a raised grate where fuels are placed.

Therefore, I would recommend one to only burn wood or wood based products like briquettes in a wood burner.